Making Your own personal Jewelry: Easy Stud Earrings

Making Your own personal Jewelry: Easy Stud Earrings

Lego Earrings

Ever wished to make your own earrings, but felt intimidated? Than the is the perfect creating jewelry craft for you - stud earrings. It's easy jewelry to make and after a couple of hours, you should have the handmade jewelry that you've always wanted. Also, this is often a fun craft to do with your daughter.

Listed below are the jewellery supplies that you'll need.

� Stud posts and backs. You'll find these at craft or bead stores. A pack of 60 costs only a couple of dollars.

� Glue. Bead glue or super glue, such as gorilla glue, are good choices. It is highly recommended which you buy some thin plastic gloves to guard the hands. These may often be found at dollar stores.

� Material. This could range from beads to buttons to toy pieces. You're only limited by your imagination.

Bead Earrings

These are the most common stud earrings to create. You can find a wide range of beads at craft and bead stores.
Remember when buying how the beads require a flat place to glue to the stud. So perfectly round beads aren't the best to utilize. Also make certain they're not fat or else they may come off.

If you utilize flat metal shapes in gold, silver or pewter, it is possible to decorate the pieces with small jewel beads before gluing for the posts.

Button Earrings

A powerful way to use all those left-over buttons that you've saved is always to make button earrings. Although it may be tricky to find two which are the identical, it is also an enjoyable experience to purposefully create mismatched earrings. Buttons may be decorated with small jewel beads as well as smaller buttons. One craft idea would be to glue a bead in the center of the button to disguise the button holes.

Toy Earrings

Another fun fad would be to make earrings out of toy pieces. Your daughters will especially enjoy this, but you can as well if you are using retro toy pieces from the childhood. The trickiest spend using toys is selecting pieces which have an appartment place to glue for the stud and ensuring the pieces usually are not too large or heavy.

Lego Earrings

The most popular toy to make use of can be a LEGO. The tiniest LEGO piece, a round One at a time plate, fits perfectly within the earring stud. These come in a variety of colors including translucent varieties. Otherwise, pick a slightly larger plate, glue it towards the earring stud then select several Individually plates to decorate it with. When you can glue the tiny plates on, you could also attach the greater ones and then affect the design you're making using the smaller 1 by 1 LEGO pieces out every day for any whole new look.

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